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Payment methods

How to make purchases on our website? 

Several payment methods are at your disposal to book online. The availability of different payment options may vary according to your geographical area, your bank or the period between reservation and your flight departure.

Secure payment and privacy

For purchases made on our website, your payment details are systematically encrypted and processed via a secure connection. The information transmitted online is encrypted according to the browser you are using and complies with the highest security standard (TLS 1.2).

Some transactions take place through our partners: Banque Casino (payment in 3 instalments) and ShareGroop (split payment, group payment and bank transfer). Your data is securely transferred to these partners for the sole purpose of the payment you have initiated. Your data is neither passed on to third parties nor used for commercial purposes.

Credit card

You can submit your payment with VISA, MasterCard, and Diners Club credit cards.

Debit card

You can pay with a Maestro debit card or make online payments via Belfius Direct Net, CBC/KBC Payment Button and ING Home ‘Pay.

As of September 2020, you will also be able to pay via iDeal.

Multicards payment

Have you ever missed a booking opportunity by reaching your credit card spending limit? No more worries! you can now use several bank cards for the same reservation on our website. It is also possible to combine several credit cards (VISA and MasterCard).

How does it work?

Determine the exact amount you wish to pay on each of your bank cards.

Enter card details and validate each payment, one after the other. You will then receive an email confirming your reservation and full receipt of payment.

Accepted bank cards

You can combine the use of your VISA and MasterCard credit cards.

Instalment payment

That's it! You can now pay for your reservation in 3 instalments with Air Belgium and FLOA Bank. And it's easy, all you need is a Visa or MasterCard.

How does it work?

This option allows you to pay for your purchase in 3 instalments according to the following plan:

You pay a first instalment on the day of your booking equal to one third of your total purchase price and €9.68 in fees (good news: no credit charges will be applied until June 30, 2021!)

You will then pay two monthly instalments to cover the remaining 2/3 of your purchase: one third paid 30 days after your booking, the last third paid 60 days after your booking

You have a 14-day withdrawal period to cancel your credit.

Access conditions for payment in 3 instalments

The total amount of your purchase must be between 50€ and 6 000€

Your purchase must be for round trip tickets only

This offer is limited to individuals residing in Belgium, metropolitan France or the French overseas departments and territories

The facility to pay in 3 instalments is valid for all flights operated by Air Belgium

You can make your reservation up to 24 hours before the departure of the desired flight

You do not need to submit any supporting documents

The validity date of your credit card must be over 90 days before the first payment

FLOA Bank reserves the right to accept or refuse your application for financing according to their internal and confidential credit eligibility requirements (see FLOA Bank's general terms and conditions).

Split payment

Avoid the hassle of group bookings - make one reservation and share the cost! No more collecting or waiting for refunds to plan your dream trip! Initiate the booking and pay for your ticket. Other participating travellers will pay their share separately.

How does it work?

The person in charge of the reservation determines the number of passengers and then pays his or her own share.

A link is then generated on the confirmation page. Via this link other travellers can pay the remaining amount. This link is also automatically sent to the email address provided by the person initiating the booking and can be shared with other members of the group (via Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, or email).

Once each participant has paid his or her share, the reservation is finalized, and a confirmation email is sent to all group members.

Each participant has 72 hours to proceed with payment. After this period, and if the total amount of the reservation has not been paid, the reservation will be cancelled.

Accepted bank cards

You can combine the use of your VISA and MasterCard credit cards.

Bank transfer

As of September, you will be able to pay by bank transfer if you make your reservation up to 15 days before departure of your flight.

To use this payment method, your banking institution must be part of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).

How doest it work?

When you make your reservation, we provide you with the contact details, IBAN and BIC references of the bank account to which you will be able to make your transfer.

You must make the payment within 24 hours following your reservation.

In the object/communication of the transfer, and as indicated in the instructions, you will need to mention the payment reference (12 digit code indicated on the payment confirmation page and in the confirmation email sent to you). This information allows us to link your payment to your booking. 

As soon as we have received your full payment, your e-ticket will be sent to you by email.