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The thousand-colours island

Curaçao, a gem to discover! Close to South America, in the Dutch West Indies, the island benefits of an enjoyable climate all year round. Another Caribbean region that will conquer your heart! Bon Bini! (*)

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Colourful beaches, an exotic getaway

With over 35 beaches, Curaçao offers unique experiences: a real “paradise on Earth”. Explore the island's beautiful coves and take the time for relaxation and tranquillity.
 If you can't hold still, make your way to the lively beaches where bars and restaurants meet sports and wellness activities. All you have to do is choose... and enjoy! However, if you feel like “Robinson Crusoe”, do not miss out on “Klein Curaçao”. The desert island is the ideal spot to observe coral reefs, swim with turtles, explore the remains of the past and unwind feet in the water.

A true urban identity

At first glance, Willemstad has everything of a tropical and sunny replica of Amsterdam: a canal flanked by buildings with brightly coloured facades, paved alleys and great outdoor plazas making it a very unique place in the West Indies. The capital's other feature is the presence of numerous bridges - including the emblematic Queen Emma Bridge which links the districts of Punda and Otrobanda. Away from the city centre, you can find ancient 18th and 19th century housing and plantations.... These areas, now transformed into museums and distilleries, are dedicated to visitors seeking new discoveries.

Lunar landscapes and stunning nature

Curaçao will also give you a change of scenery. Among its many assets, the island enjoys a rich and diverse flora and fauna. To the north of Curaçao, you can visit the largest nature reserve - Christoffel Park. This wilderness houses rare species of tropical animals and plants. The Shete Boka Park, which runs for ten kilometres along the coast and includes ten impressive bays with moon-like landscapes, is also worth a visit. WestPunt is the furthest west point of the island. You will find there a charming little town under the same name and outstanding beaches. Looking for a spot to cool down? Visit the Hato Caves! This 300,000-year-old site offers a breath-taking view of the island.

Something for Everyone

Sport and relaxation

Couples, groups, or solo, all travellers are welcome!

Whether you are looking to rest or go onto an adventure, you will be amazed by the many activities Curaçao has to offer. Put on a wetsuit or a scuba mask and venture out to the stranded ships, vibrant corals and underwater fauna. The south-western part of the coast is full of beautiful nooks and crannies. Do not forget to add the “Blue Room Cave” to your plan. This cave is perfect for snorkelling and simply FANTASTIC! You prefer to stay on land? You will be won over by the numerous hikes and beautiful walks in the island’s national parks, especially the Christoffel National Park. For those who love adventure, we recommend that you discover the northern lands of the island on a quad bike. In all cases, you will come back from Curaçao with wonderful memories.



The Curaçao liquor

The Curaçao liquor

Traditional dishes

Simply « Dushi » ! (*)

Curaçao's treasures come from many cultural influences. These can also be found and appreciated in your plate. Try traditional Dutch dishes and specialities with a twist of exotic Afro-Caribbean, Latin and even Indonesian flavours. Awaken your senses to something new! For instance, it is common to combine Venezuelan 'Arepas' and Dutch 'Poffertjes' in the same meal. The combined result is just delicious! If you like local products, try the Curaçao liquor. This alcohol made from sun-dried bitter orange peel and a mixture of spices is the star of many cocktails. Known in its bright blue version, this famous drink can also be red, orange or green. To be savoured...with moderation.

(*) Delicious


An island with History

Willemstad, the capital of the island, has seen its culture and history enriched by maritime trade and various colonial influences. One of its heritage is the local Creole "Papiamentu", of Portuguese and Dutch origin. The colourful facades of the buildings in Willemstad are inspired by the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, France and England - which is why it has been recognised by Unesco as an historic area. Stroll through the district of Pietermaai and choose your favourite restaurant, coffee shop or boutique. Located not far from South America, the island also offers a nightlife full of Latin influences. Rumba, salsa, and merengue steps punctuate life in the city.The Caribbean culture is a part of Curaçao’s carnival scene as well as European culinary delights. Visit the old market in Plasa Bieu to take a taste.

Willemstad, the capital

Willemstad, the capital

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